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Our New Earth Awards

Our New Earth has won two awards at the India Public Relations and Corporate Communications Awards 2020
Most Innovative use of Content Marketing (Silver) Healthcare Marketing Campaign (Bronze) Our New Earth has won the Silver Award for Best Healthcare Campaign in the region at Middle East PR Association Awards 2020
Among Aster's multiple initiatives in proactively responding with outstanding and innovative actions in battling the COVID 19 pandemic, the International Hospital Federation (IHF) has recognized 'Our New Earth The world inside is the world outside' microsite

How can I identify the signs & symptoms of dry eye?

Some common symptoms of dry eye include a stinging, yet burning sensation in the eye, the feeling of something foreign being trapped in your eye, the presence of an irritating mucus in the eye, sensitivity to light, a sudden gust of wind or a cloud of smoke. Difficulty wearing contact lenses, increased eye fatigue after a short period of reading are other common signs & symptoms of dry eye.

If you feel like your vision is blurring throughout the day, worsening at the end of the day or after a prolonged period of visual activity, then it too is an onsetting sign of dry eyes.

Can everyone get dry eye?

Dry eyes can affect anyone however is becoming common with advanced age. Hormonal fluctuations, such as those that occur during menopause, makes it a common condition in the fairer sex. Certain conditions such as travelling in airplanes, working in an air conditioned room for a long time, riding a bike & looking at a computer or mobile screen can also exacerbate dry eye among the younger populace.

Is there a way to treat dry eye?

Yes, of course. Effective treatment begins with a careful examination of the eye or eyes affected to determine the symptoms causing dry eye with a goal of treatment is to keep your eyes moist.

Below are a few standard treatment plans adopted by doctors worldwide to treat dry eyes.

  1. Managing Eyelid Problems Regular cleaning of the lid area with a dilute solution of baby shampoo is what your doctor will prescribe to manage dry eye. Additionally, your doctor may also prescribe a more short term measure wherein an antibiotic drop solution or ointment could be recommended to address this issue.
  2. Adding tears You can usually treat a mild case of dry eyes with over the counter artificial tears which you can obtain at your nearest Aster Pharmacy.
  3. Lubricating Drops or Ointment A handy bottle of lubricating drops should always be near, if dry eyes is your bane, using them as often as you need, several times a day for relief. Lubricating ointments can also be used for dry eyes. An Ophthalmologist at Aster Clinics or our expert Opticians at Aster Optical can guide you further on what would be your best option.
  4. Conserving Tears Your eye health expert may also suggest methods to retain your natural tears within the eye itself for a longer duration by either partially or completely closing your tear ducts. The tear ducts are plugged with two tiny, Silicone plugs (shown in red) to conserve both your own tears or the artificial ones which you have added, which would have otherwise drained away.

Apart from the doctors intervention, are there some self care tips for my dry eye?

Add eyedrops before & not after your eyes turn dry

Self care goes a long way when it comes to managing dry eye, below are some useful tips:

  1. Dry eyes cause irritation & increases ones tendency to rub the eyes for relief. Avoid this!
  2. Blink & you will not miss! Repeatedly & consciously blinking, causes tears to spread more evenly across the surface of the eye. This tip is especially recommended during a visually intensive activity.
  3. Remember the 20/20/20 Rule Take frequent breaks from your screen! Set a reminder for every 20 minutes to look at an object for a full 20 seconds that is at least 20 meters away.
  4. Dont attempt to blow air into your eyes with hairdryers, fans or air conditioners.
  5. Use glasses on windy days, goggles while swimming (prescription goggles would be so much better!) & sunglasses when outdoors, to reduce the impact of wind on the eyes, opting for the wraparound style.
  6. Stub the butt! Smoking can only worsen dry eyes. Work with your doctor to quit smoking as an effective way to reduce the effects of dry eye.
  7. Most importantly remember that prevention is always better than cure add eyedrops BEFORE & not after your eyes turn dry.

So, no more tears are always not good! If at any time you feel irritated by your dry eye, walk into your nearest Aster Opticals store, where our expert Optometrists will provide you the best solution on living a dry eye free life!